What happened in Chile...  Tuesday 12th July to Wednesday 27th July

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Santiago --- (Flight) --- Calama --- (Bus) --- San Pedro --- (Bus) --- Moon Valley --- (Bus) --- San Pedro --- (Bus) --- Tatio --- (Bus) --- San Pedro --- (Bus) --- Calama --- (Flight) --- Santiago --- (Flight) --- Puerto Montt --- (Ferry Boat) --- Puerto Natales --- (Bus) --- Torres del Paine --- (Bus) --- Puerto Natales --- (Bus) --- Punto Arenas --- (Flight) --- Santiago


Chile Thoughts:


The long country that I still can’t believe we managed to see and do so much of in the time we had here!  A contrast of climates and terrain with a feeling of being very civilised which made things more expensive.  Santiago lacked any real South American sparkle but had a great advantage of an hour drive one way you could be on any number of ski slopes or an hour’s drive the other way you could be by the sea… Terry


It’s difficult to sum up my thoughts on Chile…It’s a country with such a mixture of terrains and places to see, even in Santiago it felt like a two different cities the 2 times we were there.  San Pedro was very much ‘old Chile’ with tourism thrown in with dusty streets and Adobe houses whereas Santiago was the modern city.  The weather seemed to play a real factor in the life of the country, I felt cold for most of the time I was there..!   I can imagine it feeling very different in the summer.  It had some amazing natural features to see though and I’m glad I got to see Valle de Luna which was definitely my favourite place in Chile… Rachel




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