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We arrived into Santiago early evening to the cold and rain, which isn’t the best way to enter a new city.  Fleece’s and waterproofs for a couple of days needed.  (Bring back that RIO sun)!!  With the country being so long and Santiago as good as in the middle we needed to plan our time well to see and do as much as possible with the time we had here.


Next day we hit the local tourist office.  They were great, more than just leaflet people they could book the trips as well.  Armed with a pile of leaflets we wondered around to get a drink where we saw a welcoming sight.  “Starbucks” It had to be done!  A couple of comforting latte’s. 


Well while we were there a guy heard us talking English and came over.  To cut the story short;  If we had been staying for a longer time in Chile he had a business teaching English to local businesses and was always looking for English workers.  So our couple of weeks with all our sight seeing wasn’t what he needed!


So back to the tourist office to book our total time in Chile.  Flights, accommodation, ferry, transfers and snowboarding etc…  We spent a couple of hours in there putting together a package to maximise the time in Chile.  My poor debit card for the trip was taking a hammering so good ’ole Barclays decided to stop it, thinking it had been stolen after to much use in one day.  So a quick call to them and a few choice words later all was ok.


The next day we started our wine tasting tours with a trip in the afternoon to 3 wineries before all our other planned trips.  Known for its red wine in Chile we tasted many good ones from this New world wine region.

We were glad to leave our hostel in Santiago as it was cold and noisy, full of a group of young Israelis who seemed to live a nocturnal life, cooking dinner at 4am when they got in from clubbing…not good when your room is opposite the kitchen!  So we flew out the next day to Calama, San Pedro in the north of Chile.  See the link for more info!








Spot the vineyard ghost



Concho Y Toro wineyard

A bit of tasting!

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