What happened in Peru...  Tuesday 31st May to Monday 20th June

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Route Map:


Lima --- (Flight) --- Cuzco --- (Bus) --- Puno --- (Boat) --- Lake Titicaca

--- (Boat) --- Puno --- (Night Bus) --- Cuzco --- (Bike’n’Hike) --- Machu Picchu --- (Train, Bus) --- Cuzco --- (Bus) --- Pisaq --- (Bus) --- Cuzco --- (Flight) --- Puerto Maldonado --- (Bus’n’Boat) --- Amazon --- (Boat’n’Bus) --- Puerto Maldonado --- (Flight) --- Lima


Peru Thoughts:


To me it was a great place to start in South America.  Lots of active things to do and they love their coffee and cake!  Soup, followed by a rice dish seems the norm for dinners.  But you even see Guinea Pig on the menu as this is a Peruvian delicacy!  Also 80’s music for some strange reason is played a lot!  Country wise, it was a bit like where I left off last time on my travels in Thailand.  Lots of poverty, the people are very friendly but always wiling to make a buck and will try and sell you any old rubbish and if it wasn’t for tourism in the country I honestly don’t know what the country would do.  Even the president is pushing it as the No1. Industry here… Terry


Peru was an amazing place to start our trip, but a real culture shock!  Flying into Lima was a real eye-opener…so totally different from the UK in every way.  Poverty is everywhere and the way that Peruvians away from the tourist areas live their lives is like stepping back in time.  We both loved Cuzco, it became our home-from-home for all our trips!  It felt good to go back there.  Machu Picchu was the highlight for me, a really incredible sight and I would recommend it to anyone… Rachel






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