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We’ve both been here before and because of our One World ticket were having to come here again and again because this is the main hub for Cathay Pacific to fly you around the Far East.  Bit of a nightmare we had from the start!  Read on…


Well we should have left Bangkok at 11:30 getting us into HK at a reasonable time even with the clocks going forward an hour.  The plane from Bangkok was coming from somewhere else and was delayed.  We finally boarded at 14:00, so by the time it took off, waited for a space at HK airport to park it was late before we came through with our bags.


HK airport is absolutely huge and was very busy with lots of people around.  We found out there was a couple of big conferences on in town so that was a reason for all the people.  Then we heard lots of girls screaming and running in a certain direction.  What’s going on!  We later found out it was due to a local boy band pop star flying in from somewhere.


Being a very high-tech airport once you are through the gate the only information desk to really greet you is an electronic one.  After a few minutes of that computer generated voice telling you this and that and nothing of any importance you really want to put your foot through it!


There was only one hotel desk at the airport, and they informed us that most of the hotels were already full, and the cheapest price room they had (for one night only) was £200!  So for the next couple of hours we decided to use the internet and call hotel numbers from the tourist map and out of the rough guide, even the ones in the guide book they say you should call as a last resort.  We also found out most of the places were full and what few that were available were charging sky high rates with the prices hiked up due to the conferences.


There aren’t many if any mid range places, just seems your 4star and above.  As it was now late it was very tempting to just stay at the airport but we needed to get to the main island to sort out our China plans.  Anyhow we found a place that was expensive for what we wanted but it was a room.  Also being a new airport it is miles away from the main island so by the time we got a transfer and got to our room it was midnight!


Travelling in general gives you a real feeling that big hotels are really quite faceless and really suit the faceless corporate types that tend to stay there spending the company’s money.  Most of the staff can only operate within their role and God forbid you ask them anything out of the ordinary.


When we initially called them for a price they said they only had a twin room available.  When we called back just 2 minutes later we were told they were actually now all full, but after insisting to speak to the original receptionist they did actually seem to have a room…very bizarre.  When we arrived I asked if they had a double room on the off chance only for them to surprisingly now say yes and we needed to collect our room key on the exec floor.  On the exec floor we were then told we had breakfast included in the price…great news or so we thought.


Finally in our room working out at over HK$100 per hour, we slept.  Next day we got up early for breaky now only to be told breakfast wasn’t included and we had to pay for it…   Aaaarrrggghhh what a service!


We needed to do some quick planning and thinking as hanging around HK would be a real waste of money.  As 2 nights in HK would work out the same price as 26 nights in the hotel we stayed at in Bangkok.  You do the maths!  The big plan was to arrive in the afternoon (if the flight was on time) so we could go and sort out some visa’s straight away for China and get over to China.


Now being Friday morning time wasn’t on our side with the weekend coming.  So we did some more phoning around to see if there were any more places available at cheaper rates and searched the internet for more China tours.  Either way, there was still no more accommodation to be found; getting the visa probably wouldn’t happen until Monday with potentially a trip leaving to China on the Tuesday.  So with all that bad news and not wanting to waste tons of cash on a room in HK as we had both been here before we phoned up Cathay Pacific to pull in our next flight to Bali for Sunday.  With all this done before room check out of 12pm we told the hotel we would be staying for a second night.


Rachel’s brother Matt was in HK with work, so we left him a message about meeting up later then headed off to walk around the madness of the HK shopping areas and markets.  Even within a couple of hours, Rachel had bought a new handbag, purse and shoes ready for her brother to take home…


We got a message Matt was tied up until 10:30pm so in the evening we caught the ferry across to HK island to see the amazing city skyline and grab something to eat. 


HK is a bit like Singapore, all a bit safe and structured with lots of westerners around having to stop there for connecting flights etc…


We finally meet up with Matt who had some work people and expense accounts in tow and quickly headed onto the MRT (Tube) back over to HK island to a steep street with bar after bar and not surprisingly full of western people all drinking in the streets.


So with lots to chat about and a few beers later we left him to it as we needed to get back across the island, pack and up early for our flight to Bali the next day.  So with getting to bed at 02:30 and on the transfer bus at 07:00 we where a wee bit tired but glad to be leaving the expense of HK, but a bit pissed off with not being able to make it to China.


















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Landscape shot of skyline at night

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Part of Hong Kong's skyline

Us with Rachel's brother Matt

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