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Travelling Do’s and Don’ts:


DO travel if;

You like the unknown and not having a set plan every day!

You like meeting new people and experiencing other cultures, religions, languages

You like to try local food and drink

You have a sense of adventure and are willing to try new experiences

You want to see amazing sites for real, not just in the pages of a guide book

You’re willing to put the effort in to see/do something amazing

You want to escape the corporate rat race, no matter how long it’s for


DON’T travel if;

You like to know what you’re doing each day and which direction you’re heading

You don’t like meeting new people!

You are a fussy eater…and only eat certain stuff

You mind sharing a bathroom and using skanky showers every so often!

You don’t have a sense of humour, as not everything goes to plan…

You are on a really really tight budget…there are always hidden costs and really great trips you will get talked into that you hadn’t planned to do

You can’t think on your feet

You are expecting a ‘fluffy’ experience wherever you go…unless your pockets are very deep and you want to feel like a holidaymaker all the time

The thought of having your whole life in a one bag scares you


One for those bookworms, Rachel’s reads and thoughts while away!


1.                  Miss Garnet’s Angel – Sally Vickers – a very grateful present on a boat trip across Lake Titicaca…started off the global book swapping!  Old-fashioned story about a voyage of self discovery, very well written


2.                  Oops Forgot the name – I know I read a book set in Argentina…read this just before we arrived there!  Good holiday book, easy to read but not a book that I would rave about…  Especially as I can’t remember the name!


3.                  Gone Too Far – Suzanne Brockmann – great holiday book, quick and easy read that I couldn’t put down


4.                  Rule of Four – Ian Caldwell & Dustin Thomason – all hype…jumping on the Da Vinci Code bandwagon – read it if you love Da Vinci then realise it’s not as good!


5.                  Pompeii – Robert Harris – amazing book, paints a vivid picture of Pompeii before and during the eruption…a must read


6.                  Down Under – Bill Bryson – great read if you’ve been to Oz or planning to go…some very funny observations and anecdotes


7.                  Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince – J K Rowling – a must for any Harry Potter fans out there!  But pretty big and heavy to carry around in a backpack!


8.                  The Houdini Girl – Martyn Bedford – book with great twists and turns, another book I couldn’t put down!  A great holiday book


9.                  The Shadow of the Wind – Carlos Ruis Zafon – a great story well told with some unexpected surprises…the book loses none of it’s essence in translation…a must read  


10.             The Family Way – Tony Parsons – great book for the 30-somethings, about love, marriage, relationships, morales…


11.             Konin: A Quest – Theo Richmond – completely different style of book, about one man’s quest to trace his Jewish family history in a Polish village destroyed in the holocaust…very moving story if hard going in places


12.             The First Time – Joy Fielding – good easy read, but a sad book with a good ending!


13.             Case Histories – Kate Atkinson – good book but quite disjointed in places and required a lot of concentration to keep figuring out how all the stories and characters relate together


14.             The Last Juror – John Grisham – the worst John Grisham book I’ve read…and I’ve read quite a few!  To be avoided


Favourite Book – Pompeii – Robert Harris

Least Favourite Book – The Last Juror – John Grisham



Coldest Place

Tatio Geysers, Chile

Hottest Place

Bangkok, Thailand

Poorest Place


Richest Place


Unsafest Place

Jo'berg, South Africa

Most Chilled Place

Perhentian Island, Malaysia

Most Polite Place




Favourite book during the Trip

Best holiday read!

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