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Singapore --- (MRT) --- Singapore --- (Bus) --- Johor Bahru, Malaysia


Singapore Thoughts:


We’ve both been here before, but it makes for a good point to fly into from Perth, Oz and start our leg in the Far East…


We arrived early evening, but the weather was still twice as hot as Perth and very humid.  We just melted!  After getting across to the district Little India and dropping our bags into our hostel we went out to try some local food.


Singapore is a very modern/safe/clean city with a great MRT (tube) system but the main activities are shopping, eating and finding air conditioned buildings!  So we did plenty of that.  But if you come here there is one thing that is a must to do, especially if you like animals and that is to go to the “Night Safari”…


In true “safe” Singapore style you get to see animals from all parts of the world in the dark!  There isn’t any cages or bars either, just a very cleverly thought out design allowing you to see animals at arms lengths away at times.  We got a tram around with the park commentary as well as doing some walking about.


As it was night time and many of the animals are nocturnal, they weren’t just sleeping as they would during the hot sunny days.  Best bit was seeing the tiger eating a cow’s leg, fur n all through the glass with not a care in the world about a foot away from us.  It was also great hearing the lions roaring at each other.  Sounded like the lady lions were moaning at the lazy male!!!  Shame you are not allowed to take pictures with flash, but they don’t want you hurting the animals eyes.


Just three nights here before bussing over the boarder into Malaysia.






Singapore map

Singapore flag



Giraffes feeding!

Us at the end of the night safari

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