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Time to use the malaria tablets for this trip.  We booked this in Cuzco to fly into the Amazon airport of Puerto Maldonado.  Let’s set the scene.  A few types of Amazon trips can be booked.  Well we went for the one that had spent a little bit more on their marketing materials even if it only cost a few more dollars just because the lodges looked amazing.


First thing we noticed stepping off the plane was the heat and humidity, it was damn hot.  We got taken to the local butterfly farm for a quick tour round before being bussed to a harbour.  We were met with drinks, snacks and even our bags got carried before setting off down the river for an hour or so.


We reached this amazing jungle oasis of quality lodges with cool hammocks in beautiful settings and were handed a free drink the moment we got off the boat...amazing to get anything free in Peru!  Not the place for normal back packers but holiday makers and people on their honeymoons.  This was Amazon jungle 5 star-style.


We were here for 4 days and 3 nights.  We were served superb food.  How about this?  Catfish with pepper and tomatoes in a bamboo tube cooked on an open fire for the first night’s dinner.  Very tasty and not your normal everyday food for sure!


While here we walked, boated, fished (they even cooked the fish we caught for us for lunch on that day) and even did a canopy walk way, taking in some amazing sights of fauna and animals.  We saw tarantula spiders, macaw’s, even cayman alligators and lots of monkeys.


The lodges had fluffy towels and screened enough to keep the mosies out at night.  We even had our own oil burning lanterns as no electricity.  But the best bit was while we were in the lodge as the noise of the jungle was madness.  All hours and all noises.  To beat the heat of the day we had more early 5am starts for the activities made us all tired to sleep at night…


We got taken back to the airport only to see a lot of commotion.  The Peru president was flying in, so this little jungle airport was filled with soldiers, news reporters and entourages.


Our flight, took us to Cuzco, then straight onto Lima for our last couple of days in Peru…


If you want a jungle experience of the best quality, this is the trip to do.  Check out their website.   www.inkaterra.com




Lake Sandoval

Sunrise on the Amazon

Our lodge by day

Rachel on treetop walkway




A selection of local pets!


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