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Well after roughly an 11 hour flight from Madrid we arrived into Lima early evening.  Don’t know why but we where both shocked to see a new airport, better than Madrid’s.  It took an age to get through customs but then it all happened once outside.  Luckily we had emailed a hostel in Madrid for a room for the night and they could pick us up.  A lad was there with our name waiting.  It was a father and son business taxiing to the hostel.  We were in the back of a beaten up old car with the doors locked seeing some terrible driving and roads through some really poor streets.


It was every car/truck/minibus/lorry for themselves on the roads.  We arrived in one piece and were told to be careful.  Our hostel was like an oasis behind the door.  A huge old colonial house, lots of verandas and balconies with a roof top café in the middle of plants galore.  Even a pet parrot!!!


Bags in room and feeling tired from a 7 hour time difference we wanted to walk back to the amazing square we passed driving in.  So we decided to risk it.  A couple of blocks away we walked very quickly to take a picture or two.  Been to a few mad places in the world, but we don’t think we’ve been anywhere where we’ve felt so uncomfortable by being just out of place and being looked at constantly…  So surprisingly we didn’t hang around much and quick marched back to the hostel…


We had booked another internal flight for the next day to Cuzco.  So we asked if the mad taxi driver would be able to take us back to the airport.  Well he was there the next day for a pick up of 06:30.  I'm sure he was sleeping outside in his car all night not to miss the business as we had to wake him up when we came out the hostel.  Anyhow traffic not as bad so we made the flight all ok.







Lima hostel with a difference!




Rooftop hostel view

Lima downtown plaza the Nice bit


Lima Part 2

Not to completely write off Lima and wanting to see the sea, we spent our last couple of days in Peru back in Lima, but not in downtown in the place they call Miraflores.  This is possibly the best place to come as a tourist, a bit purpose built but we didn’t stand out like aliens as before.  We picked up a leaflet of a new hostel when we left Lima the first time so booked ourselves into it.  Great hostel.  Only opened March 05 and for the first time in nearly 3 weeks we had our own TV to watch!!  Location was great as well.  We got to run along a great sea front path on the Sunday in the sunshine with a great breeze watching the locals doing their thing on their day off.  We also visited some pre-Inca ruins just 4 blocks from our hostel called Huaca Pucclana which was a mad religious site on top of a hill with houses all around dating back to 200BC.  Interesting piece of history right on the doorstep with modern life all around which seemed bizarre…


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Huaca Pucclana ruins

Huaca Pucclana ruins

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