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We took a bus tour from Cuzco to Puno in order to reach Lake Titicaca (known for being the highest altitude lake in the world, with the floating islands).  We were on a tourist bus, which meant that it stopped off at 4 places of interest along the way so we could all see the local sites and be tempted every step of the way to buy the locally produced handicrafts. 


The first stop off was at San Pedro Church, which looked quite plain from the outside, until we stepped inside and realised the place was full of gold-plated pictures and artefacts.   Apparently it’s one of the favourite places for the Cuzco locals to get married and you could see why.


After a couple more stops and a lunch stop we arrived into Puno about 18:00.  Glad we had someone waiting for us as it was madness at the bus stop.  It was another cold city at night.  After checking into our hotel we wandered around a bit and had some food.


Next day we bundled into a minibus with a few others and headed to the harbour.  We got on our boat and meet our guide and the rest of the tour people.  A real mixture of backpackers and holiday makers which was good.  First stop was one of the floating islands called Uros.  Totally made of reeds, hut’s ‘n’ all.  It was strange to walk on, very springy!  We were told all about how they made the huts and repaired parts of the island as well as how they live.  Mad to think you can live on something that if the wind is strong you can be blown around the lake…  Across to another isle on a reed boat and then the longer boat ride to the main island Amantani where we were all staying for the night.


We arrived at this isle just after lunchtime and hiked up to the main square where we where all introduced to the families we would be staying for the night.  We followed our woman Mama Cecilia back to her house, to meet her family and we were shown our room.  Very basic, no showers, no lighting and an outside toilet out in the garden.  But what a view across the lake!  We also had another couple from another trip staying with the family in another room.  Jacob and Yoelsega were from Israel.  Thanks guys for all the tips on things to do in Argentina plus your Spanish translation skills with the family!  We all had lunch in the sun in their courtyard.  No surprise we had soup for starters…


Later that afternoon we all got taken back to meet the other for us all to hike up to the top of the hill in order to see the sunset over the lake.  This was great to see and a lovely clear night.  We hiked back down in the dark back to our families for dinner.  Again soup for starters and more spuds!  Then the fun started!!!  Well they said we all needed to go to a fiesta party they were laying on especially for the visitors.  No problem until the woman bought us clothes to wear.  Nice!  Check out the pictures.  One thing it kept us warm as it sure got cold.  But what a sky.  With No pollution there were millions of stars to be seen!  With NO street lights we hobbled across to the main hall for our evening of fun.  Well a candle lit hall full of people dressed up.  The music started and away we went doing some local dancing, that didn’t seem to have any relevance to what the beat of the music was!  I think it’s mainly done to keep us all warm as when we got back to the family home later, the only heat was the candle in the room.


After egg rolls for breakfast we got taken back to the port for another boat ride to another isle.  We arrived hear to do a trek to the top where the main village was.  The sun was damn hot.  After a mooch around and some lunch we hiked back down a ton of steps back to the boat.  A few hours later we arrived back into Puno.


We had a few hours to kill before a night bus back to Cuzco, so we had some food and got to the bus station.  The bus left about 20:30.  It wasn’t full, that was until we pulled into a town on the way back then it got packed.  The bus drivers over here don’t seem to worry about passengers as they take all the racing lines on the roads and overtake where they want.  We didn’t sleep much as we were on the top deck at the front on a bus with NO seatbelts!  We screeched to a halt at about 00:30, only to see out the window a coach like ours had over turned on the other side of the road with a cracked windscreen and passengers stood on the road side.  Funnily enough we didn’t sleep that well after that…  Pretty scary stuff…


Anyhow we arrived all ok into Cuzco about 04:00.  Not wanting to spend the next couple of hours in the bus depot we got a taxi to the main square.  We sat there watching the world go by, with one bar still pumping out the music until 5am.  Soon after we got into our hotel to get our bags and checked into another hotel, someone recommended for a well deserved hot shower again!













Inca ruins on route to the lake

Adopted family for the night

Sunset across Lake Titicaca

Who's that Peruvian couple?

Lake view from Taquile Island




A small selection from Lake Titicaca

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