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Well it would have been rude not to!  I mean to do some snowboarding in July in a far away country…  We had seen one company that seemed to have things sewn up from the city for the slopes, and were doing a 3 valley package with two nights in a 4star hotel.


Being the end of our leg in South America we said we wanted to go out in style and stay in a nice place for a few days, so this tied in well.  We added the night before (from the flight back from the south Torres del Paine) the first day pick up and the night after the last day on the slopes to stay at the same place.  Luxuries like big fluffy towels, huge comfy bed, spa, a TV and a breakfast we could hoover up daily!  Great…


Every morning for 3 days we got picked up taken to the store at the bottom of the slopes, kitted out (even if the clothing was a ski suit, NICE!), whisked up the mountain to a different slope each day and then taken back after the lifts closed.


Great slopes and all on the doorstep of the city.  The sun shone for 3 days which made it great!  Rachel got another couple of days on a snowboard under her belt with a day on skis as well.  A great package and a really good way to round off our time in South America.


The next day we hung around the hotel using their wireless internet until a pick up for the airport for a late evening flight to New Zealand.  This is the mad one.  We flew out on the 27th July, but landed on the 29th with the clocks going backwards.  Very bizarre feeling to think that you have lost a day of your life in one journey…28th July 2005 did not exist for us!  So that tied in with a long flight, you do feel a bit out of it in Auckland…  See more on that on the New Zealand link…






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