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The flight was a couple of hours north and an hour’s bus ride to get to San Pedro.  We thought we would feel some more sun here!  Well it was the desert, but we arrived with some strong winds blowing making it cold.  The place felt a bit like a town in Peru.  Adobe mud hut/houses with dusty unmade roads.  But with no time to waste after we got rid of our bags at the b&b and we got ourselves on a trip for the afternoon to the Valle de Luna for the sunset. 


Well the valley of the moon was blowing a gale.  We walked through parts of the valley being sand blasted by sand stopping many times to empty our shoes.  You could see why it was called the valley of the moon though, even NASA test their moon vehicles there.  It really felt like a film set in places, really reminded me of Star Wars, we kept expecting one of the Sandmen to jump out at any minute!  As the sun went down it got colder and colder especially with the wind blowing but a great sunset from the top of a sand dune was had once we had trekked across the top of it to the neighbouring hill.


Next day we had booked a trip to see the Tatio geysers.  This trip had a pick up of 4am, NICE!  It was 6am by the time we got to the geysers, the geysers are over 4000m above sea level and the wind was still blowing.  We’ve never worn so many layers of technical warm clothes…to date this was the coldest we have ever been in our lives! 


The geysers were great to see steaming and spitting away.  Until one girl in the group just passed out and nearly fell in one.  The altitude had taken its toll, so much so she cut her nose from her glasses and spent the rest of the trip lying on her back in the bus!


After a few more picture stops on the way back (don’t want to see another fluffy llama/alpacha for a while) we got back after an 8 hour trip and it was still only midday.


Hmmm, by now the wind was blowing the town around, the streets were slowly getting deserted ready for the rest of the afternoon storm.  The wind was blowing people over, roofs off houses.  We had to walk back to our b&b which was on the outskirts of town, what a fun journey that was!  Couldn’t see a thing and breathing wasn’t the easiest as the wind took your breath away.  We managed to get back to our b&b covered in sand.  We had sand in places I didn’t know you could get sand!  We ended up having to stay there the rest of the day listening to things breaking and smashing outside including the skylight in our bedroom.


No surprise but the next day was the perfect day, not a breath of wind in the air.  It was repair time for the locals, so we headed off to the local museum as we had heard about some of the relics found, especially people who had been well preserved because of the type of ground in the village.  One skeleton is known as Miss Chile.  All bones intact and with a great head of black plaited hair.  How bizarre!


Later that afternoon we got the bus back to the airport to fly back to Santiago.  As this was the last flight into Santiago and we had the first flight out down south we decided to crash out at the airport as best as possible for the 5 hours needed.  What fun that was…freezing cold metal airport seats for the whole night…!  Our flight out was to Puerto Montt in the south so see Torres del Paine link for more info.









Tatio geyser

So so cold!

A lonely cactus and volcano!




Some pictures of cold Valle de Luna

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