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We flew into Puerto Montt because we wanted to catch the Navimag ferry through the fjords down to the Patagonia region of Chile.  This ferry leaves this town once a week at 4pm and takes 4 days/3 nights to get South to Puerto Natales via the fjords.


At last we were somewhere warm and we where able to have a much needed hot shower after the night at the airport!  We had a great little cabin with bunk beds and an ensuite and a good heater which is what we needed to thaw out.


It was great being on the boat, not rushing here and there for a while, just cruising along taking in the views (mainly from the inside as it was cold and rained a lot), eating surprisingly good food and chatting to other people.  We played many a card game with Dave and Katy and swapped plenty of travel stories in and around meal times.


The second afternoon and evening the boat swings out into the Pacific Ocean where the gentle cruising goes out the window for some serious Ocean voyaging.  Being winter you wouldn’t expect calm seas so the boat was rocking from side to side, back to front.  That night Rachel included, there weren’t many people down for dinner as sea sickness took its toll.  Rach was so bad she ended up spending 17 hours in bed!  It was very weird being in a bunk and feeling yourself sliding up and down the bed with the movement of the boat…


Next day all ok as back in the fjords.  As we got further and further south the mountains either side had more snow on them and the narrowest part was a mere 80M apart.


Arriving in Puerto Natales at about 11am everybody legged it off to their various accommodations.  We dumped our bags in and met up with Dave and Katy.  Well the place was like a ghost town.  Most places had shut up shop for winter but we still managed to find somewhere to eat for a good steak meal!


Next day we all went on a day trip to the national park of Torres del Paine.  The weather was surprisingly sunny but with a strong winds.  Even felt warm compared to the northern trip we did to San Pedro.  It’s known for its amazing views of snow capped jagged mountain peaks.  Well we sure saw them but the most amazing sight were the blue icebergs at the place “Grey Glacier”.  To see lumps of ice on the beach and floating around in the sea was amazing.  So after another great day trip seeing the sights, walking about in all that fresh air, another well deserved steak was needed…


Next day we headed off to the airport, which was a 3 hour bus journey taking you across and slightly south again, to probably the most southerly point we will ever go in our lives, Puerto Arenas.  There we caught a longish flight up the country back to Santiago to do some snowboarding.  Check that link for what happened…






Navimag ferry journey

Us at Torres del Paine

Glacier Grey iceberg




Some amazing pictures of the icebergs!

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