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We flew into Tokyo midday from Hong Kong after a night there in the transit lounge and No sleep.  We had planned in Bali the places we wanted to visit and had done a bit of research.  So straight away after landing we were talking to the information desk and a travel company down stairs to plan our 7 days 6 nights here.  So a bit like what we did in Chile, we had built a non-stop itinerary using up our time efficiently.  So after all the planning we hit the train to get out of the airport into the city to our hotel.


Tokyo is the world’s largest populated city with 34 million people, yet the place is clean, people are friendly and they have a great public transport system, even if some of the names of places look the same at first glance.  We soon found out there are plenty of regular (punctual, clean) trains/metros with a number of different lines taking you in all directions.  Usually the worst people in the world are taxi drivers, but here they were polite even wearing white gloves and not trying to rip you off!


It was a great time to come here for the weather.  The summer and wet season had passed and they were just heading into autumn with great sunny warm days where the maple leaves were changing colour from green to red so all the beautiful grounds and gardens just looked amazing.  This was the first time since leaving Australia in early September where we needed to wear shoes all day long and fleeces now and then!


Japan is known for being expensive especially for accommodation so we made good use of their AM PM convenience stores to even up the costs for food through out the day.  They sell great Sushi to go and they even cook things for you if you buy anything that needs cooking.


Next day we hit the city with plenty of walking around in the sunshine.  We went to the Imperial Palace but couldn’t go in as it is restricted entry only so that was a bit disappointing.  We visited one of the BIC electronic stores that sell wall to wall great Japanese electronic gadgets and we even dropped into the Sony centre for a nose and play with some kit that’s not in the shops yet.  That evening we started our Sushi tasting off in a traditional Japanese conveyor belt restaurant.  Next stop Kyoto.


On our last day here we had a flight back to Hong Kong, connecting to Jo’berg in the evening, so with what time we had, we packed up all our things and headed over to the Tokyo Motor Show for a few hours looking at the cars and motorbikes.  We dumped our back packs into some lockers and mooched around, sitting on and in many fine machines.  It was a huge show with lots of people there.  Later we headed off to the airport for our flight.










Imperial Palace

Japanese Samurai Warrior statue

Tokyo at night



Christmas present for me!

Rach trying the new MX5 for size!


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