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After arriving at Hiroshima station we jumped on the tram to get to our hotel.  The hotel for this nightís stay was very very posh.  All a bit too much for us really in our grungy trail shoes and backpacks in tow but it sure was a room with a view over the city.  We had no time for a nice hotel, so we quickly dumped our bags then headed out to see the local sights.


We all know what happened here all those years ago during the Second World War and what devastation was caused but you could feel it in the air especially when you saw one of the few remaining buildings that didnít get flattened.  The A-bomb dome was one of the original Hiroshima buildings that was almost directly below the bomb blast, so it didnít get completely destroyed.  The city decided to leave the remains there as a monument and reminder of the terrible destruction causedÖ


So after a walk around seeing the A-dome, the memorial and fountain we headed back to our posh hotel.  More sushi to go and some more website things to be done.


Next day we headed over the road to the Hiroshima castle.  At the top you had some good views over the city.  Today was a national holiday so we saw lots of Japanese people all dressed up, and lots of Japanese kids in traditional geisha costume, very cute. There was also a flower show going on as there were some huge displays of flowers around.


We then visited the National Peace memorial.  This sure is a must as itís an amazing set up to see.  The have a huge circular room with a 360 degree photograph on the walls showing the city after the blast.  The walls are made from tiny tiles, each one representing the number of people who died in the blast.  It was very moving and calming, a very humbling experience.  They had another section where you could read first hand accounts from the survivors about what they suffered that day, truly terrible.  Afterwards we went to the Peace memorial museum which had lots of info again, lots of photographs and details on what happened.  It was really well put together and again really brought to life the horrors of the blast and how it affected the city. 


Afterwards we wanted to go and see the Itsukushima shrine (a shrine in the sea off the coast of Tokyo) which was a long tram ride away, followed by a quick boat ride over to an island.  Well we got there but only had time for a very quick walk to see the shrine on the island to take a couple of pics and then back on the boat to grab the tram again back to the main station.  We just managed to grab some food in time to then catch the bullet train back to Tokyo ready for our next trip the next day to Mt Fuji, what an exhausting tripÖ









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A-Bomb Dome

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