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Our ‘Free Plan’ tour started the next day, which meant basically accommodation arranged and train tickets paid for, but no official guide.  So from the hotel we got the train to the larger than life Tokyo station then got on the (Shinkansen) bullet train and headed south to Kyoto (Japan’s original capital city).  The train was very fast and smooth.  Not long after leaving the city we saw Mt Fuji in the background looking very impressive with the snow on top of it.


After checking into the hotel at Kyoto we walked for miles and miles for 5 hours seeing lots of amazing temples.  The one that sticks in the mind the most was the one called Sanjusangendo Temple that housed the 1001 life sized warriors guarding a huge Buddha statue.  Truly amazing, a wow to see with so many characters all lined up with such detail.  No pictures allowed, so the picture on the site is one I took from the postcard they give you!


Kyoto has a great tourist bus set up so in the morning we hopped on one to visit in some more temples.  All so different but the first one we saw was called Kinkakuji Temple that was just beautiful – covered in gold leaf and sparkling in the sun with a lake nearby and perfect manicured gardens.


We managed to take in another zen temple close by before heading back to the main Kyoto station to catch the mid day bullet train further south to Hiroshima.




Shinkansen "Bullet Train"

Mt Fuji from the Bullet train



A selection of Kyoto temples

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