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Ko Samet is a great little island to come to escape Bangkok for a few days.  It’s only 4 hours away and a short ferry crossing so you can leave Bangkok in the morning and be on the Island in the sun by the afternoon.  I had been here before and really liked this island purely for it being quite small and not over commercialised like the rest of Thailand’s islands with McDonalds and the like being everywhere.  Here you just find places to stay and plenty of beach side restaurants and bars.  As well as warm blue clear seas which is the norm...


It’s only a short walk from the pier to a good selection of places to stay along the beach.  We had left our big back packs back at our hotel in Bangkok, so we were travelling light for a few days in the sun.


It sure was hot walking about looking at places to stay but we found one quite soon near the main beach.  So after throwing our bags in we went and relaxed in the sun by the sea…


So basically for the next 4 nights, 3 days we chilled out, sunbathed, swam loads, ran loads and dined under the stars on the beach.  The weather was great and very hot at times as well making us probably the brownest we’ve ever been…


So from here back to Bangkok for our last mad few days left in Thailand!




One of Ko Samet's beaches

Night time dining



Us chillin!

Our beach

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