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We arrived in Bangkok midday and checked into a guest house around the Ko San road area.  This area is known for being the travellers hang out where you can eat and sleep very cheaply.  A place where petrol stations by day become vodka bars out of VW campervans by night with full table settings on the forecourt and smoking not a problem!  But nestled in various spots you can find really good hotels/guest houses that aren’t so basic and are really nice places to stay.  So guess what we had one of them!


Bangkok is a mad place that really doesn’t sleep, has a major traffic problem probably more so than London and with a bizarre fact of the city having 50,000 places to eat or 1 for every 100 people.  You soon get caught up in the speed of it all by getting up early for trips then shopping, walking about, eating and drinking.  Next thing you know it’s gone midnight!


That afternoon we wondered around and probably saw the most travellers we have seen on our whole trip so far.  Also some of them need to go home and take in some reality or take a look in the mirror as lots looked like Tom Hanks in Castaway…


One mad thing about Thailand is that it’s known for good dentist work and also being very cheap.  So we said we would both get our teeth whitened when here.  So with the odd bit of knowledge from the internet and what prices where being shown back home we dropped into a couple of dentists to see what they had to offer. 


By early evening we had both sat in a dentist chair for an hour or so with our mouths wrapped round some plastic device like a horseshoe while biting onto something else.  Now with teeth fully exposed the white light LED strobe did its thing.  By the end your mouth was numb and it felt like you had put your mouth around a toilet seat!!!  But the main thing though was that the before and after was a great difference, all for about Ł80 each...


So with sparkly new teeth we jumped into a Tuk Tuk and headed for the Pat Pong market.  Just as we got there the heavens opened with one hell of a big rain storm.  So after a while of taking some shelter we checked out the dodgy goods on offer.  This area is also known for its go-go bars and sex shows.  So one minute you are looking at a new t-shirt then the next you are being asked if you would like to see a live “pussy” show.  Sorry for being so rude but that’s what they say!


Also think the famous prostitute line of “Love you long time” has now been replaced with “No money No honey”!  Even see it printed on t-shirts.









The Grand Palace

Another part of the Grand Palace















































Floating market

The Bridge over the River Kwai

Ko San Road at night!



And another part of the Grand Palace!

Wat Arun Temple



Next day we got up early to beat the heat as we had to wear t-shirts, long trousers and shoes to go and visit the Grand Palace.  Well there was thousands of others there doing the same but it was amazing in side and “very grand” indeed.  We saw the Emerald Buddha which is the most revered religious site in Thailand apparently, but the Buddha itself was tiny up on this huge platform!


Being over in that direction we walked to one of the piers and got on a taxi boat to the Wat Arun temple across the river.  This is one of many temples but probably one of the famous ones of which was an impressive site to see.  We then caught a taxi boat back further up the river near to where we were staying.  The water is so dirty with allsorts floating down it and the boats just speed up and down without any care causing huge waves and choppy waters!


After a quick dip in the guest house pool to cool off we headed off down to the big MBK shopping area for a mooch about, then got on the sky train to a place where we were going to get some suits made.  I had one made last time I was in Bangkok, it fits like a glove with quality materials so we were looking for that again.


There are hundreds of tailors to choose from, but we had seen one advertised in the aeroplane mag that had won awards etc, so we thought we would start with them.  Well they said all the right things, they didn’t push a hard sell, and most of their business was repeat business overseas too.  So after choosing the cloth we were quite literally measured there and then and told to come back in an hour for the second fitting.  We saw various people disappear out the door with materials and measurements.  So a quick bite to eat and drink over the road and we were back trying on our basic suit jackets with the tailor doing his thing…


The next day we had booked a trip to combine the floating markets then onto Kanchanaburi to see “The Bridge over the River Kwai”.  It was a very early start with a 7am pick up as they were both quite a way out of Bangkok.  After a quick pit stop at the coconut farm we got to a place where we got on a longtail boat and boated down what were like narrow streets of houses to the place of the market.  You can then walk about or get in a little paddle boat and get boated up and down passing many a trader selling their wares either from a boat or on the banks.  All very mad and definitely made for tourists!  It was a bit crazy sitting in a boat and being bombarded by people selling allsorts right on the river bank and from other boats floating along.


Back in the mini-van we then stopped at the War memorial for the building of the Burma-Thailand railway during WWII. Just rows and rows of grave stones of various troops that lost their lives in horrific ways.  All such young men (most in their 20s) and lots from the UK.  We then took a short drive for some lunch then onto the town of Kanchanaburi to see the famous bridge and to actually walk along the bridge tracks over the river.  We toured around the museum and read the full horror story about it all.  It was strange to think that a sight of such devastation and suffering is now a fully blown tourist attraction, even with floating restaurants where you can dine and supp your drinks overlooking the bridge itself.   


We got back to Bangkok about 19:30 so a quick shower and a cab back over to the tailors for the next fitting of the suits.  There needed to be some alterations done to Rachel’s suit but the jacket and trousers fitted great for me.  I just needed to have my shirts slightly changed.  Like a whirlwind again we headed off back down the Ko San road area for some great hawker food and a Thai massage.


Another early pick up the next day, this time to take us to the island of Ko Samet for a few days of sunshine and to escape the madness of Bangkok before our return here before we fly off again…


We arrived back in Bangkok after the few days in the sun relaxing in Ko Samet.  Straight after getting our big bags back and getting into our room we were off to shop and to try on our suits again and take away.  With Christmas coming we even started our shopping early and had planned to send a box load of things back via DHL as they were doing a special shipping deal as they were a new outlet in the Ko San area.


On our last full day we went and did a Thai cooking class for the morning where we got boated to a traditional Thai floating house and were shown as well as had a go at cooking a few of the favourite Thai dishes.  Always the good bit of eating it all as well!  We were given the recipes to try when we get back so we need a wok to try out some of these delicious foods when we get home!


Then that afternoon we packed, unpacked and packed again until all the things we bought went in to the DHL box, got it sent and spent the rest of the time chilling out watching the world go by.


Next day we had a midday flight to our next stop of Hong Kong.



Floating market

River Kwai War Graves

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