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Perth is a great place even if the remotest city in the world and even greater when you get to stay with the family I meet while travelling last time.


Jacquie and Garry’s guest house may be a converted garage, but it sure is a palace with great comforts you wouldn’t normally get while on the road travelling.  There actual house is even more amazing especially after all the recent work been done to it.  Just how we would love a house to be decorated inside.  It looked like something straight out of Home & Gardens magazine!  Time to have some downtime and to feel at home for a while.


Apart from good food, great wine and conversation with the Jacquie, Gary and John, they showed us around various neighbouring Perth suburbs which looked great places to live and all by the sea.  I think we both decided that we could definitely spend some more time here for sure.


We did another wine tasting trip, this time to the Swan Valley which had you cruising down the Swan River, and part on a coach to various wineries and a great chocolate factory with tasty free chocolate buttons to sample… hhhmm!  Some great wines were also sampled. :o)


Even though Perth was seeing an unseasoned blast of wet weather we managed to get in a good couple of runs around a park and by the sea, plus we went on a trip to Fremantle and the jail.  The jail started by housing convicts sent over from the UK all those years ago and it only shut in 1991 with still very primitive conditions.  Still had the hanging noose for the really bad boys on show which Rachel found very creepy!


Being our last stop in Oz before the Far East we sent a box load of kit back to the UK with guide books and fleecy things hopefully not needed in the warmth of the next continent.


Thanks again, Garry, Jacqui and John (Shame you weren’t around Nell).  We’d love to return the favour when you come over to England one day!


Next stop Singapore.





Swan Bells, Perth

Fremantle jail

More wine tasting



Perth city view

and again!

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