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We flew into Alice Springs and then had a connecting flight onto Ayers Rock.  It was great flying in as the flight took you over the rock so it was great to see it’s mass from the air.  But it was strange being in the resort with the rock so close and not having to do all that driving and planning from Alice Springs to get there.


NO private rooms here in resort, well only if you had money to burn or if on true holidays I suppose…  So it was the first time for Rachel in a dorm.   A 4 person one was better than the 20 person dorm as the other option!  It really was basic as dorms go, more like a cell we would imagine to be!!!  The worst part was it was so small, 4 bunk beds in a cramped space with no personal space…not something I (Rachel) want to repeat in a hurry! 


Being the only hostel in resort and even if there are other places to stay, funnily enough they are all owned by the same company!!!  So some competition needed here we think!!!


Anyhow, it was damn hot here with a dry heat.  Not hanging around we got straight on to a trip to see Ayers Rock at sunset…  Still seen as Oz’s number 1 tourist attraction it was no surprise that there were lots of other tour buses at the same look out point when we arrived.  But it was still good to see, so we did ours with a trip with a glass of wine (or 3) in hand!


No peace for the wicked we were up at 5am for the sunrise at Ayers Rock the following day.  Even after a night in the dorm with one hell of a snorer.  I even had to go and wake him up at one stage as everybody else had been woken by the noise!  Sunrise is definitely a better experience of Ayers Rock as you are closer and it changes colour so the camera shows on average every 7 mins…


Straight on from there we toured around the Rock (saw the mad people climbing it) and went to the Olgas for the walk to the Valley of the Winds.  It was still early in the morning but the sun was hot and a great walk was had.  From there we went onto a lookout where you can see the Olgas and Ayers Rock from the same point which was cool.


We got back at the resort about 12:30.  Now the sun was shining hot in the dry heat.  So time to chill out around the pool on some loungers.  Still felt odd sunbathing though with the rock through the trees… 


Just 2 nights here.  All you really need when in resort.  Must admit it didn’t feel the same as it does from putting in the effort/planning etc from a road trip driving all the miles from Alice Springs…  Next stop is a flight to West Coast, Perth.







The Olgas

Olgas Valley of the Winds

The Olgas



A couple of sunrise and sunset shots

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