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Kuala Lumpur:


We arrived into KL after a 6 hour bus ride from the east coast Mersing.  KL was hot, noisy, busy and smelly.  After finally finding somewhere to stay at a good price and half decent we hit Chinatown market.  There were lots more fake goods around this time than when I was last here, more like Bangkok!


So some dvdís and cdís needed to be bought for the laptop!  Would you believe all the cdís worked ok and only one dvd failed.  Being a very honest bunch the guy even swapped it for a working film the next nightÖ


Itís a city that doesnít really sleep so we ended up going for a massage the first night at 12:30 in the morning at a place that was open until 2am.  Great back and neck massage!


Over the couple of days here we caught up on email with lots of Wi-Fi around, went up the KL tower to see the city views and went and saw the shiny Twin towers.  I also had another massage done while Rachel had some reflexology done on her feet!


We then got a bus and headed for the Cameron Highlands which was about 4hrs away.




KL Petronas towers shining in the sun!

KL Tower












Tea everywhere

Fancy a Brew?




Us at the top of the KL Tower

KL Petronas Twin Towers



Cameron Highlands:


This was a great place to stop.  You read itís a place for people to escape the heat of KL at weekends.  Well it sure is true.  As you climb up into the highlands it gets much cooler.


The main town is very English looking in places.  Just as we arrived the heavens opened with one hell of a downpour.  When that passed we went to our hostel room.  The main house was full so we had to stay in what could probably be called an air raid shelter from the outside!  Actually not too bad inside.  Great thing about this guest house was the info and trips they had to offer as well as real Cameron tea and homemade cake.  Say no moreÖ


We made the most of the cool weather even more so after the rain and went for a run and actually saw people wondering around in long sleeves, fleeces and No shorts.  Quite bizarre when you think you are in Malaysia!


Later after a brew and cake we planned to do a forest walk the next day taking in the Koh tea plantation.  No air-con needed here but blankets for the night as it got cold.


Next day we had a good walk through the mossy forest looking at various plants and taking in the views as we where 2000M up at one point.  Also great to see all the tea plants and the factory process on what needs to be done to produce Englandís favourite drink!


That night we wet out to dinner with a couple of Malay people who had been on our trip.  Lillian and Mei Ling who were up from KL and Ipoh to see the sights.  They are both Chinese Malaysian and we went for a great meal, where we tried some different types of food.  They explained about some of the food we tasted.  The town is also known for producing lots of strawberries, so would you believe we even ate a strawberry Naan!  This tasted really goodÖ


After a couple of nights here we got a tour bus direct to the port of Kuala Beset to go across to the Perhentian Island.  See East coast link for that info.



Our accommodation

Rolling hills of Tea!

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