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Well a couple of weeks before we had planned to come to Bali another dreaded bombing took place.  We couldn’t believe it but both of us still said we wanted to go and not change our plans.  We even had a text from “Trailfinders” saying we could change things if we wanted!  In the end because of not going to China we ended up having an extra week here…


The people here are just like the rest of the Far East, laid back, friendly but hungry for a sale or deal.  That tied in with not having too many tourists to pester made it quite tough at times constantly being badgered for this and that when you left your grounds of your hotel etc…


Last time I was here (Terry) I had got the worst case of Bali Belly.  Not just your usual couple of days of “where’s the toilet”, but serious, swollen stomach and bleeding intestines.  Nice.  They nearly didn’t let me into Hong Kong last time as I was glowing red on their monitors!


So with that in mind from last time and knowing their water is deadly I knew I would be having a salad free 2 weeks and drinking beer to keep the germs away.


I had contacted a lady from the hotel I stayed at last time about places to stay.  She no longer lives in Bali but still pops home to visit relatives etc and recommended a hotel to stay.  We checked it out on the website and it looked really nice.


We really enjoyed it and would definitely stay there again.  Spotlessly clean rooms, great pool, short walk to the beach, breakie thrown in and all for about £11 per room per night.  The pound is a great currency to have here and with a quick withdrawal from the ATM you are a Bali millionaire...


After a good sleep on the first day after the madness of Hong Kong, we basically chilled out for the time here.  We sunbathed (the sun was damn hot), swam lots in the pool, ran lots on the beach, ate out and watched loads of films on the Sky TV.  As well as all that we did some internet planning now and then for our next couple of stages to Japan and South Africa.


We did a one day biking trip which was a great way to see more of the ‘real Bali’ outside of the tourist area of Kuta.  This started after an early breakfast overlooking Kintamani Volcano.  Typical, the weather was mixed with a good dose of rain downpours getting us wet.  We biked through many small villages seeing lots of locals; saw many temples and paddy fields.  You got a real sense of how rural Bali is and how reliant they are on the land to make a living.  Even though we got a bit wet at times it was quite refreshing and made the lunch stop at Ubud taste even better when the heavens really opened!


On another day we hired a taxi driver for the day.  Mad I know but a done thing here.  He basically sits and waits for you wherever you want to go.  We went to Denpasar to do some shopping and Nusa Dua (the posh package tour place) to have a nose at the holiday makers lined up within their fluffy western hotels and walk along the beach in the sun.  Very upmarket but quite isolated.


After the nice relaxing time here, next stop the madness of Japan and Tokyo, after a late flight into Hong Kong.  No hotel fiasco this time.  A night in the transit lounge will be good enough being it’s an early flight the next day!









Our bargain of a place to stay!

Kuta beach

A Bali sunset



One of the many paddy fields

Ubud village temple

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