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The falls lie on the north east border of Argentina and the south of Brazil.  We had done our research and found out it was easier and quicker to fly from Argentina than Brazil and also cheaper.  So we pushed out our flights to leave Argentina to Brazil to have the couple of extra days needed to do this trip.


We booked the trip through a hostel and flew up to the falls.  The flight was a couple of hours long and the pilot even swooped over to the right for people to see the falls clearly from the plane as well which was cool.  Even got a couple of good shots of that!  We landed into a humid heat and caught a taxi to the hostel we had booked.  Straight away we put our bags in and with the afternoon left we planned to see the falls from the Brazil side first.  We had been plagued by many taxi drivers to take us for a small fortune, but we decided to do it under our own steam.


We walked to the local main bus stop and caught a bus over the border to Brazil to another stop were we caught the local Brazil bus into the falls.  This is a major tourist attraction for both Argentina and Brazil, so it was set up well.  On the Brazil side you get bussed into the falls where you can do various walks to take in the different view points of the falls.


All we can say is that the views were truly amazing.  They make Niagara Falls in Canada look like a leaking tap!  For one they are huge and even from the Brazil side cover a vast area.  So we were glad we had bought the new camera.  There were lots of pictures to be taken and movie clips.


After a few hours here seeing all the views and getting wet from lots of spray we left to come back over the border to Argentina.  That night in bed I being Terry got chewed alive by the dreaded bed bugs!  Most of one side…


Anyhow trying not to scratch too much we set off the next day to see the falls from the Argentina side.  We were told you need more time this side as it’s a bigger set up with more walks to do.


Again another amazing day, you can’t quite believe how big the falls actually are.  So more pictures and video clips taken which we can bore you with when we get back…


What a trip to do!!!  All nature’s own as well!!!  Already we’ve said this will be up in the top five things we’ve done on our big trip when we get to the end…


So next day a flight back to Buenos Aires for our last night in Argentina…






Falls from the sky!

Section from the Brazil side

Section from the Argentina side



Just a small selection of falls pictures from both the Brazil & Argentina side

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